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DENSO, Global Mobility Service to Support Delivery of COVID-19 Test Kits in Indonesia

DENSO Coporation and Global Mobility Service Inc. (GMS) announced today they will support the delivery of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing kits, which detect COVID-19, and the raw materials for the kits to medical institutions, testing organizations, and pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia.


Health care workers in Indonesia have relied on imported PCR test kits to trace and fight the virus, but growing demand has caused a shortage of these critical tests. Under the leadership of the Indonesian Agency for Technology Evaluation and Application (BPPT, Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi), a Project named “Indonesia Pasti Bisa (I can do it in Indonesia.)” was launched to mass produce 100 thousand PCR testing kits in Indonesia. DENSO and GMS have joined Indonesian companies in supporting the project. In this project, Bio Farma, an Indonesian state-run pharmaceutical company, has already started mass production of PCR test kits.

Delivery of PCR testing kits and their raw materials requires maintenance of a strict low-temperature transport environment of -20 ° C or lower, adherence to hygiene standards, and real-time tracking of vehicle locations. Since May 5, DENSO and GMS have met these necessary standards by providing small refrigerated trucks to the effort, allowing for efficient and reliable delivery. The trucks’ original purpose was for a demonstration project for small refrigerated transport services launched in Indonesia in October 2019. The companies plan to continue supporting the distribution of PCR testing kits to medical institutions and testing institutions in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

GMS and DENSO are committed to working to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, placing top priority on ensuring the health and safety of local residents, customers, employees, and their families.

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