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DENSO Opens Electrification Innovation Center at Anjo, Japan, Plant

DENSO today announced it opened an Electrification Innovation Center at its plant in Anjo, Aichi, Japan. The move supports the company’s aggressive development and production of electrified automotive products, systems and technologies.

DENSO has long developed and produced key products for electric vehicles, including inverters and motor generators used in hybrid vehicles and battery packs in mild hybrids, also known as stop-start technology. As part of our efforts to develop an environment conducive to the development of electrification systems, we have been opening the Hirose Plant and expanding our overseas bases.

The Electrification Innovation Center features a development building, which will house teams focused on developing advanced production technologies and testing new vehicle systems; a durability building for reliability testing; an outdoor track for testing newly developed products; and a production plant for quickly ramping up a mass production line. Together, these spaces will enable the DENSO teams within them to swiftly transform new technology ideas into ambitious prototypes and then reliable customer offerings, manufactured at scale. Further, at the newly constructed plant, we will also innovate energy conservation technologies, with the aim of achieving zero CO2 emissions within the future plant.

DENSO will use the Anjo and Hirose Plants to establish safe, efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes for electrification-related components. DENSO will soon roll out the superior production lines established at the facilities across its manufacturing companies and affiliates worldwide.

EstablishmentJune 5, 2020
Address2 -1 Nagane, Sato-cho, Anjo, Aichi, Japan (on the Anjo Plant)
EmployeesApproximately 2400
FunctionAdvanced R&D, developing and testing prototypes, and launching mass produce of electrified automotive products, systems and technologies.

Opening Ceremony

Electrification Innovation Center in Anjo, Aichi, Japan

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