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DENSO Participate in IIMS 2014 (PRJ Jakarta)


Semi Permanent Hall A2 SP22
18-28 September 2014



Monday – Thursday : 11.00 – 21.00 WIB
Friday – Sunday : 10.00 – 21.00 WIB


Monday – Thursday : Rp. 40.000
Friday – Sunday : Rp. 60.000


Jakarta International Expo
Gedung Pusat Niaga Arena PRJ



AGC Asahi Glass became a 2014 FIFA World CupTM Branded Licensee



Tokyo, June 6, 2013–AGC, a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals, ceramics and high-tech materials, announced today that it will provide the world’s first glass roofs for player and official benches at the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 football tournament in Brazil between June 15 and 30.

The roofs incorporate AGC’s Dragontrail™ cover glass technology, the same used in smartphone, tablet and television displays. They will be used at all matches of the 16-game tournament, a prelude to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™.

Composition includes three layers of Dragontrail, a high-performance, flexible and highly scratch-resistant glass. For this outdoor application, the glass is resistant to deformation, discoloration and deterioration, remaining clear and transparent over a long period of time to ensure the best-possible visual experience for spectators.

Conventional bench roofs in stadiums are made from plastic. To develop its new glass roof, AGC successfully adapted high-performance glass by synthesizing the company’s technological expertise in automotive, construction and electronic-display glass solutions.

Official Licensed Glass Roof of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Player Benches

“I am delighted that our glass bench roofs will support one of this year’s greatest global sporting events, which will be enjoyed by people from every continent,” said Kazuhiko Ishimura, President & CEO of Asahi Glass, Co., Ltd. “This is a wonderful first step for us to show the world the evolution and potential of glass materials, and how they can change the future. By further developing our technologies we plan to support the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.”

“I’m pleased that our glass bench roofs have met all FIFA requirements for the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013. It is rare for FIFA to commission a materials manufacturer like AGC to provide on-pitch installations, and I believe this reflects FIFA’s high expectations that AGC will continue developing technologically advanced glass solutions that allow new, creative and attractive infrastructure to be implanted at stadiums during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil next year.”

In October last year, AGC was named a 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Branded Licensee as the first B-to-B company to market the “Official Licensed Glass Roof of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Player Benches” for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 and the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. Separately, the company is constructing its first glass manufacturing facility in South America, which will begin operating later this year in Sao Paulo State, Brazil, to contribute to the growth of Brazil’s industries and economy ahead of the series of global sporting events scheduled to be held in the country.


The Making of Glass Roof of the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 Player Benches


Denso Indonesia to Boost Auto Parts Production With Third Plant

GroundBreaking DENSO 3rd plant

3 December 2012

Denso Indonesia has kicked off construction of its third factory in Indonesia, as the auto parts producer — the local unit of Japan’s Denso Corporation — aims to boost production to meet rising domestic demand.

The new factory is expected to cost $110 million and will be built in the Bekasi Fajar Estate, part of the MM2100 industrial park in West Java. The plant will produce various spare parts for cars for the local market.

“We expect this factory to also help boost Indonesia’s economy, through increasing investment and absorption of labor,” said Akio Shikamura, a senior executive at Denso, on the sidelines of the kick-off ceremony for the factory in Bekasi.

He was confident that Indonesia will be a fast-growing market in Asia.

The factory will be built on 20 hectares of land and is scheduled to be operational in February 2014. It will produce air conditioners for cars, engine electronic control units, variable cam timing, alternators, starters and other parts.

Industry Minister M.S. Hidayat, who attended the ceremony, said he appreciated Denso’s work in Indonesia. He said the new plant will absorb 1,700 workers. “That’s not including absorption of the sub-component industry, or the second tier of the business,” he said.

Denso, of which its biggest shareholder is Toyota Motor, currently operates two factories in Indonesia, in North Jakarta and Bekasi, through its local unit Denso Indonesia. The first factory has been producing components since 1978 and the second plant since 1996.

Among Denso’s clients are big names in Indonesia’s automotive industry including Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia, Astra Daihatsu Motor, Honda Prospect Motor, Nissan Motor Indonesia and Astra Otoparts.

Johnny Darmawan, the president director of Astra Otoparts, said Denso Indonesia will address the challenge for the high need for auto parts in Indonesia. He said such investment by Denso will boost the availability of locally-made parts to be used in auto manufacturing in the country.

The head of Denso, Nobuaki Katoh, also attended the ceremony, along with the president director of Denso Indonesia, Yutaka Yamanouchi.

Source: The Jakarta Globe